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     Long past are the days of training at Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Cathy walked into an all male class in the Automotive refinishing department where she began to learn the fine art of custom airbrushing.... her love of Airbrushing and a desire to learn this art, reminded her that this was the place to be.

    The student soon became the instructor, thanks to Professor Lester Jordan ... For over 4.5 years Cathy taught several hundred students at Washtenaw Community College, Wayne County Community College (Western Campus), and Chrysler Automotive in Airbrush Techniques.

    Airbrushed Stuff was opened in 1991 with a Credit Card ($3000 Limit), and a "can not fail" attitude. She keeps the doors open with custom helmets, motorcycles, clothing ... and just about anything that will take paint ... (I'm not kidding either). I've been commisioned to paint huge skate parks and even toilet seats and a lot of stuff in between. The customer is the real designer here ... I just take their ideas and make them appear. I feel very special to be able to support a family doing what I love to do ... To help maintain this healthy balance between work and home, the hours at Airbrushed Stuff are kept short and appoinments are recommended.

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